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07 January 2017

Another New year is going to knock on our door with lots of surprises. We all are excited about the special or theme based parties on New Year evening.A little bit of attraction from our own circle can boost our confidence that is going to last an entire year. Give 2017 a kick start with the trendy jewelry tips we are going to feature "Our eternal Love for Gold is not going to change" Nobody can take away our love for gold that is why a good number of trendy and chic designs are available in our jewelry segments. As an Indian lady, our functions always have a sparkle of gold. We find the following reasons are best for beginning the new year with the trendy piece of ornaments. ? Gold is the greatest asset we can earn now. It is easily converted into money. So ladies don’t hesitate to put your pocket money in gold. ? Gold has some healing powers and It attracts luck and good energy ? No other metal suits our dusky skin than gold New trends in jewelry #1 Color medley Multicolored gemstones much attraction. Gemstones can make different hues and shades in jewelry. Necklace sets with meena work, American diamonds, Zircon, polka stones, diamonds, pearls and other gemstones are much suited with our party wears. One of the main advantages of gemstones is its resale value. The sets are crafted carefully, adopting nature and peacock themes, that gives designs a wide range of color variations like vibrant green, sea green, onyx green, maroon red, royal blue, dusky purple etc #2 Enameled jewelry Another attraction among trending jewelry series is enameled pieces. Enamel is a decorative coating applied to the gold. Enamels are made up of a glass or paste-like substance which transforms entire feel of a piece. Bringing various color tones into gold is the main appeal of enamels. #3 Ivory Jewelry Ivory jewelry pieces are part of our culture. Bringing the charm of ivory into gold were a revolutionary idea. Ivory, being soft, light weight as well as its white color, makes it extremely attractive to people. #4 Old is always gold Recreating our favorite piece of traditional ornaments also get so much attention. As a result, a lot of designers and manufacturers are creating jewelry designs reflect the same gems, shapes, and motifs of bygone eras, but with a twist. We always have soft corner for the traditional wear but are always excited to see a new element in conventional jewelry #5 Moissanite Jewelry “Shine bright like a diamond” may be Rihana was singing about Moissanite, a New gemstone, getting popular because of its resemblance with diamond. It shines like a diamond and is almost as hard as diamond. Moissanite is for the one who cannot afford real diamonds, but like wearing something that gives the feel of the diamond. This mineral does not form readily in nature and is therefore produced universally through synthesis. Apart from industrial setting, the gemstone is regularly employed in jewelry as well.